Verizon LG G5 Starts Getting Android 7.0 Nougat OS Update

The LG G5, which released earlier this year, carried the burden of LG’s high hopes. The phone released with hopes that it would compete (and beat) the Samsung Galaxy S7. The modular notion was highly promoted, and LG had hoped this would do the trick for them. However, it fell flat on their face as the LG G5 didn’t really do effectively. Verizon LG G5 customers have one thing to be content about, as the Android 7. Nougat OS update starts rolling out for their devices.

Earlier, T-Mobile and Sprint customers had currently begun receiving this update, and now the Verizon LG G5 too, joins the celebration. Verizon is amongst the greatest networks in the US, and the brand has usually been quicker in terms of updates. The Android 7. Nougat OS update for the Verizon LG G5 is 1.67GB in size.

The update is indeed really heavy, but it does bring monumental changes. The Android 7. Nougat OS Update enables the users to do considerably much more than they do now. The update will permit the users to make use of the split-screen multi-tasking, as well as attributes such as app shortcuts and considerably more! The Verizon LG G5 users would quickly be capable to get all these attributes on their devices.

However, a number of users have been complaining that the update gets stuck at some point of time. A few have complained that the installation of the update is also causing problems. With the Android 7. Nougat OS update, the Verizon LG G5 users would be capable to make use of the Google Downloader instead of the LG app. Newer themes for LG’s software skins would be introduced following this update. The grace period for deleted pictures will also be extended following the update. If you are a Verizon LG G5 user, you far better start off checking the phone if the update is prepared!

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